This winter, Dénériaz's expertise combined to the luxury of les Airelles for an exceptional first collaboration. Sense of detail, authenticity and excellence : these are the shared values by the historical Palace of Courchevel alpine garden and by the Savoyard brand Dénériaz, gathered through Airelles skis.

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Airelles skis have been developed from the Easy'D skis of Dénériaz product range :  a fibro metal double titanate ski, equipped with a balsa core, wood specie selected for its extreme lightness and its resistance to compression. On both sides of the latter are placed two bamboo lateral beams, a natural material known for its flexibility and robustness. This unique construction, proper to Dénériaz skis, coupled to a short turn radius, makes it a manoeuvrable and very stable model of skis.

A unique conception, handmade, a goldsmith precision and also the using of the most noble materials...

As many ingredients gathered together in these Airelles skis by Dénériaz which will offer incredible sensations to those who try them to play with the edge. The best of French know-how sublimed by the luxurious identity of Palace des Airelles and by the "Made in Savoy" guarantee of quality of Dénériaz brand.

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