DÉNÉRIAZ - Already 10 YEARS !



Following his Olympic games gold medal and his carrer break, Antoine Dénériaz created his proper brand selling ski helmets and ski goggles since 2009. Indeed, DÉNÉRIAZ brand freshly celebrates its 10t years birthday. Originally, the accessory range is exclusively intended for competition. Thanks to the Slovak skier Véronika Zuzulova, the brand was even taken to a World Cup alpine ski podium during winter 2011-2012. Today, Noé Claye medallist at the Telemark World Championships, carries in turn the colours of the brand.

Texte Deneriaz SAS et bloc d'image                                                                                                                                                                                                            Noé Claye

Progressively, DÉNÉRIAZ has focused on "premium" products which are today essentially intended for leisure skiing and offering ultra-light and comfortable helmets made of composite fibres. 

Autumn 2016, Antoine Dénériaz began to develop his first "Made in Savoie" skis with Alain Zanco, expert in this subject, a famous and well-respected person in the ski manufacturer's environment. It is nonetheless during summer 2018 that DÉNÉRIAZ brand will know its greatest shift : Antoine and Alain formalised their association within the company DÉNÉRIAZ which, this way, became a ski manufacturer.

To the three original ski models, Lucky'D, Cruising'D and Giant'D, were added the Easy'D model last season and the Dual'D this winter. The last one, an "all mountain asymmetric" ski, has been rewarded of a Gold Winner ISPO Award 2019 to the last tradeshow ISPO in Munich !