Wood is a natural and noble composite material. Each specie possess distinct mechanical properties. Major element making our skis quality, we take a special care to select the most appropriate specie intended to each ski model and use. As a second step, we select various raw wood species so that they will be of an irreproachable quality.

Our skis being constructed according to a very particular technology, that we call in "catamaran" (a central part in balsa and two lateral beams), we manufacture by ourselves our laminated timber and therefore our ski cores from raw wood pieces. The production of our skis therefore begins with very important steps close to carpentry and to woodworking.

Texte Deneriaz SAS et bloc d'image

Used in the fabrication of Cruising'D and Dual'D models, the main quality of walnut wood lies in its capacity to absorb vibrations associated to a fabulous stability offering an exceptional stability and comfort on the slopes.

Regarding to ash wood, it supports balsa wood for our Giant'D and Dual'D models. Its mechanical properties bring precision and nervousness when changing directions on the slopes. It is also very interesting thanks to its bouncing effect in powder snow and therefore when it is placed on the off-pist side of our Dual'D skis.

Finally, we find bamboo in the construction of Easy'D, Lucky'D, Free'D and Alpi'D models. Associating at the same time softness and robustness, this grass enables to concatenate short and playful turns with low speed when it is associated to titanal on our Easy'D skis. It is also a major asset for our Free'D and Alpi'D skis thanks to its lightweight. Crafted in a unique way, it therefore becomes exceptional for our touring and mountaineering skis, making the difference when climbing while maintaining solidity and vicacity, offering also an admirable skiability in downhills.