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Our ski collection is divided into 3 ranges : piste skis, all mountain skis and touring skis. Technical data such as radii, widths are obviously different for each model and sometimes even for each size. We invite you to find this information directly one the product sheets of our skis.

In addition to the figures, you will find below other in formation to help you choose your pair of DÉNÉRIAZ skis.

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We make our skis from A to Z from materials that we receive and then transform directly at the factory. At Dénériaz, for example, for the manufacture of the lateral beams, the key parts in the skiability of our skis, we choose the most suitable types of wood according to their mechanical properties.

During the moulding process, the cohesion of our different ski models is then refined by the addition of composite fibres, also specially chosen for their specific characteristics.

Ash (Giant’D, Dual’D) : We like this hardwood with its coarse grain and straight edge for what it brings to the skis in terms of precision and responsiveness. On the powder side, it brings bounce to the  Dual’D skis. 

Walnut (Cruising’D, Dual’D) : A medium-grained wood, straight-grained wood, it provides great comfort by absorbing vibrations on the slopes. It is therefore invaluable for our Cruising’G model as well as for the track side of the Dual'D.

Acacia (Slalom’D, Giant’D) : This is a heavy, hard and very resistant wood that is similar to exotic woods. It has a coarse grain and a straight edge. Very reactive, it is particularly suitable for slalom or giant racing skis. 

Bambou (Light’D, Easy’D, Lucky’D, Alpi’D, Free’D, Crazy’D) : 30% harder than oak, with a mechanical strength superior to that of steel, bamboo is an amazing grass ! Although it has extraordinary properties, bamboo is very light, elastic and, of course strong. For these reasons, we use it in several off our models and in particular for our ultra-light Alpi'D touring ski.

Balsa (at the heart of all our skis) : Balsa is the lightest wood in the world and is used in model aviation. Although its density is very low, it is nonetheless very resistant to axial compression. It is for these two essential qualities, lightness and resistance to compression, that we particularly appreciate it and therefore use in the heart of all our ski models.