DENERIAZ's factory

Set up in Doussard in Haute-Savoie, our manufacture is located in an exceptional casket, a few hundred meters of Annecy lake, surrounded by La Tournette and Bauges mountain massifs, halfway between Annecy and Albertville.

The major part of this 700 m2 place is dedicated to the production of our skis and organised following different manufacturing steps : 

- Mechanical steps for the fabrication of our moulds.

-Carpentry space for the confection of our cores.

-Moulding space with our 6 hydraulic presses.

-Finishing space.

​From the first raw wood cutting step to the last finishing touch, all the steps necessary to conceive our skis are made here, in our manufacture.

Contiguous to it, our "showroom - concept store" is opened to the public. In addition to our resellers, who are mainly located in ski resorts, and to our e-shop, we are very happy to welcome our visitors out there and to present them our ranges of skis and accessories.

You can also find an exclusive selection of products developed in co-branding with brands sharing values which are important to our eyes : Authenticity - Exigency - Elegance. And premium brand corners proposing collections made with care and predominantly "Made in France" or "Made in Europe"... 

These corners will evolve with the seasons, giving you often more surprises.

A unique place, DÉNÉRIAZ Manufacture is therefore conducive to exchange and sharing of ideas. Our team will also be attention to your wishes and beyond our collection, DÉNÉRIAZ will be able to manufacture your unique pair of skis proposing you endless customisation solutions !

If you are passionate about ski , of beautiful stories, of "Made in France" or simply of pretty things ... Please come and visit us without further delay !